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Google’s Smart Speakers with a Screen Display – an Addition to the AI-Based Speakers

Google’s Smart Speakers with a Screen Display – an Addition to the AI-Based Speakers

Isn’t it the fantastic news for tech-lovers who want to lay their hands on as many tech toys as possible since the future of AI-based speakers is here? Yes, you have heard it right! Google is planning to launch smart speakers that will have a smart video screen in order to watch movies or any video content directly on your speaker. The move has come to fight off the competition stimulated by Amazon’s Echo, which also operates with the same mechanism.

Looking back at how we have transitioned from keypads to smart screens, this rollout seems to be very interesting, since Google was allowing third-parties to use its features in their screen-enabled speakers but did not have its own device of this sort. In today’s era, we are surrounded by the internet controlled equipment, and the latest internet-connected voice-control speakers enable us to command them to play music, type texts, and send messages.

Much to the joy of tech-savvy people, screen-enabled smart speakers are a great addition and a giant leap to making our homes smart places to live. From the comfort of our couch, we can even ask these smart speakers turn off/on lights and fans. Although the date is not declared yet, Google believes that this screen-enabled smart speaker will be rolled out next year.

Google is up against the competitors that themselves use the Google’s interface. However, now Google has decided that it will launch its own screen-enabled device that will be hoped to excel its competitors such as Amazon. For sure, it will have a media blitz as the interests of Google patrons will begin to surge.

In reaction to Google’s and Amazon’s initiatives, other tech giants such as Apple, Samsung, LG, and others may jump into the competition and think of developing something like this or even better than this to capture their market share, and one way or the other, this will undoubtedly benefit us to choose from multiple brands that may provide us with different features.

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