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Google Makes a U-Turn on Google Location History as it Faces Strong Reactions from the World

Google Makes a U-Turn on Google Location History as it Faces Strong Reactions from the World

People may not know the name their neighbors but Google is on everyone’s lips since this internet-driven world cannot survive without Google, and if they are so heavily reliant on Google, it’s obvious that people would expect some reciprocity and want transparency, as well as security, from the company.

Despite being one of the most trusted company in the world, Google recently made a blunder with its statement on Google location history, and it is now making amends for that mistake, correcting their misleading language of location tracking. Just a week ago, as one of the reports surfaced that Google tracks the whereabouts of users without their permission, Google released a new statement on its website in a much transparent way.

Earlier, Google stated that if you disabled location tracking, Google would not be able to track the location history. Now, after an amendment to the language, it seems that Google will keep some chunks of location data as part of a reference point for further improvements to the mechanisms of Google Maps, which appears harmless on the face of it. However, if users disabled Location History, they would be automatically signed out of Google Maps or location tracking on their devices, so there’s nothing to worry by any means.

Nevertheless, making a small change in the language of that statement does not give any clarity or guaranty that Google will not track the location history of users. To ensure the privacy and safety of every user, people expect more clarity from Google over this issue. However, we are pleased with Google’s willingness and efforts in this direction so that its users can rely even more on it.

Transparency with mutuality always help build trust among customers, and this is where Google has always excelled, yet we expect some genuine efforts so that the relation between Google and its users will be cultivated for ages to come.

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