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A New Update to Windows 10 Promises to Enhance Operating Speed

A New Update to Windows 10 Promises to Enhance Operating Speed

Finally, Windows 10 has come up with the great news that it will launch a new update, which will be much lighter and faster than its previous version. In light of some mixed reactions from users, Windows put its shoulder to the wheel in order to furnish users with great customer experience. As for Windows background, it was introduced in 1985 and recognized as a trendsetter once but got sidetracked in view of other OS-based devices such as Android.

However, Windows proves to be the most popular operating system for PCs, although other gadgets such as smartphones, iPads, and Amazon Kindle devices are dominating the market. Undoubtedly, Windows 10 has provided regular updates to its customers and improved its features from time to time, but some users have complained that it lags at times. In order to have a crack at this issue, Windows will bring an update to us that will have enhanced features.

According to its announcement, the latest update will make the existing operating system lighter, faster, and safer than before. Most of you may not be aware, but the current version is labeled as 1809, which means the current update will expire at the end of September 2018. On the authority of Windows, Next update will be labeled as “19H1,” which means that the next update will be released after the 1st half year of 2019.

Considering people’s hype and expectations about the new Windows 10 update, we must expect and believe that Windows is going to take our user experience to the next level. A few interesting features include a dark theme, clipboard sync with other devices, an enhanced screenshot tool, and so on. Windows users need to cheer because they have fixed bugs that lagged the operating system before.

Does it work better than before, or does it need other fixes? We can only experience that late in the next year.

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